Faravahar Hat & Bracelet

One of the best ways to represent the tenants of good thoughts, good words, and good deeds is by wearing a hat or bracelet with the faravahar symbol. A faravahar hat or bracelet is a great way to start conversation or simply help promote positivity around the persian culture, without requiring you to change much of your usual wardrobe or style. You can find our list of our favorite affiliated faravahar hat and faravahar bracelet below.

The black hat with steel faravahar is a classic combination with great contrast and visibility.

This black with gold Farohar – Faravahar – Fravashi hat is stylish and subtle.

This gold and turquoise faravahar bracelet adds a modern touch to persian style.

For a more traditional fit, this leather black and steel faravahar bracelet is your match.

If gold and black are more of your style, than this smaller bracelet is a quick way to add heritage to style.

The next time you get stopped wearing one of these hats or bracelets, Faravahar Bazaar is here to help you explain the symbolism, history, and meaning of the Farohar – Faravahar – Fravashi image. We hope you take time to look at our other Faravahar attire, such as our Faravahar necklaces, or faravahar t shirts, and that you take time to learn more about the Faravahar history.